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0 tree of time

01 worse rapture

  ... if anyone can count the dust of the earth, your offspring will also be counted ...
... count the stars if you can do it; then He added: So many will be your offspring ...
... I bring bronze instead of tree, and iron - to the place of stones ...

011 sceptre of matter

      Disligar was hungry. Already third day he was searching for food in dustbins of Calcutta. He was always strange. He was born into a family of pariahs, so nobody had interest in him for longer time. He was lonely whole life. Maybe he was slightly mad. When the parents died, their old little house has been sold. For debts, in which his family was plunged because of growing new seeds. His father killed himself and his mother died of starvation. Disligar was alone. Again.
      He had 30 years, insane thoughts and body. He also had a soul, but he didn't know about it. He came to this city from the province, where he lived before. He was told that there are too much people in the world, and ones like him should not reproduce. On the street he was offered sterilization in exchange for a meal, but he did not want to. Over the year he collected thrash from a garbage dump, but in the end he was chased away. So was that he told about himself to his children. Was it true? Irrelevant. His life could be any. What is essential, happened next.
      Disligar Gupta woke up. He looked at his cardboard box with food gathered yesterday at Calcutta garbage and cockroaches swarming on it. "How beautiful you are, you have such beautiful shells and antennae." He sighed.
      "Since You praise Me, I'll give You something for it." He heard calm voice. He raised his eyes, and he saw, standing before him, a man with white hair, dressed in a saffron dhoti. The man had put a stick in front of him. "In this item is the power to create matter, which you will think." Said the stranger. "Do you believe my words?" They watched each other's eyes. "I believe, because I'm hungry." Said Disligar. "I prefer to create a bread than to look for it further here." He picked up a stick.
      The stranger said "You can make a bread with it, but You can not create a cockroach, just as I can. Build an impregnable fortress. When you do, I will come again." The stranger walked slowly into swirling crowd on the street. Disligar ate what he had in the box and went out of town to check the words of stranger.
      He held out the stick and thought about bread. End of the stick went dark, around him view became clouded, and expanding, emerged a ball of black palm-sized fog, smooth-edged, semi-transparent as a soap bubble, wirling and thinning towards the center. Then it began to expand, and from it's non-existent center spreaded the loaf of bread. As in black smoke filled soap bubble bread hung in the air at the end of the stick. Then the smoke began to fall on the inner surface of the bulb and it began to become leaky, as if was burning in many places. When the last piece of it disappeared, bread fell to the ground.
      Disligar ate it and went to look for a cave in the mountains to hide in it.
      For a month he was trying to create different things, food, objects, plants, animals. Food was good, tasted just as he knew it, but what was supposed to be fresh, was as if it was taken out of the freezer. But the food in jars and cans was the same. He was not able to create anything more than he had clearly seen. Objects came out good depending on whether or not he knew how to make them. He was able to create a shovel, but not a working radio. Trying to create radio, he did something that from the outside looked like a radio and in the middle it had meaningless puff of metal and plastic. Likewise, live plants and animals, about whom he thought, were created they were like repeatedly frozen and thawed corpses.
      During these tests, the stick shrinked, become smoother, harder and darker, until it finally looked like a metal rod of the length of the hand. As he held it in his hand, the bulb appeared next to it. At that time, Disligar already understood what it meant that he could not create a live cockroach.
      He dreamed about the stranger, who a month ago gave him a stick, and in the dream he said that this item is called "sceptre of matter."
      Neatly dressed, in order not to rise suspicion, he entered the public library in Calcutta and began to read about the construction of the radio. He wandered, what magnetic wave really is, why is flows through vacumm, since there are no atoms to change configurations of electrons, and where from come those photons, which are flying so. He came to conclusion, that people maybe do not know it yet, but they know more that he does, regarding whatever topic.
      He collected waste equipment from garbage, dismounted them, watching what was in the inside, trying to recreate the device himslef, and then he threwn everything away. He was able to create everything that he dismantled, understood, and knew exactly how it worked. He discovered that he could keep books in a small computer and read them while living far from cities.
      For the next seventy years he studied various sciences. He did not create gold or money. He did not buy anything. He created food, shelter, clothing, builded himself huts. He was hiding in remote places. These were deserts, mountains, swamps, forests. He often relocated. He watched the cities around the world. He did not go to places where he could cause suspicion. He avoided places with cameras as much as it was possible. Most often he dressed like a beggar, to not attract attention. He had experience in dressing like this. He avoided even the tought of possibility to take risk of finding hiself in situation wchich cuold lead to being in dangerous places
      When he came in contact with informations about wars of 20 century, he thought, "May I never become like Hitler. Killing own species is to be an evolutionary progress? What did they force these poor computers into? Where from came demons those people listened? Maybe I am listening to such a demon?" Of course, he knew that all demons are included amongst the beings of Krsna anyway, but that did not comfort him. He doubted whether the demons were real at all.
      He did not deal with people or their history. He was not interested in it. Having the scepter, he was only looking for information on how to use it. he treated people like a free animal, cautiously, distrustful. He masked himself, wiped away the tracks. At first, he had a slight problem with that.
      Scepter did not destroy anything. He buried his bizarre artifacts, unsuccessful attempts of device creation. He was afraid to form dangerous substances. He feared that someone would discover them and follow in their trail. With time, these unsuccessful things were less and less. And finally he learned how to create void using scepter and since then did not have to bury anythnig. He created void that absorbed as much matter as he wanted. He did it in diminishing portions so that the recent inaccuracies, resulting in defects of surrounding matter, were not noticeable.
      When he was 99 years old, he knew many natural and technical scientific domains. Some of them he did not need to apply. Through the scepter he had access to any of substance of material nature. But thanks to those sciences he knew a bit better, what he can not create. He noticed that people can speak clearly only about the things that they got to know themselves.
      The history of the people appeared straight to him. Technologies of people did not depend only on the materials used.
      First, they used soft metals, copper, tin, brass, bronze, later hard ones, iron and steel. They came up with simple machines, lever, wedge, wheel, pulley. It allowed building of peaceful machines, mill, treadmill, plow, loom, car, and the buildings, ramparts, fortresses made of stone roads and war machines destined to capture them, war car, ballista, trebuchet, scorpion, catapults, battering ram, siege tower, sword, shield, armor. All these machines and tools, however, were powered by muscular work, of human or animal.
      The first chemical engine used by people was fit only to kill, it was a powder and a bullet in the barrel. The first means of mass communication, printing, were used to unleash new wars. Nearly two century elapsed before the chemical engine began to be used for peaceful purposes. The steam engine, the internal combustion engine, rocket engine, tubojet engine allowed for mass transport and production. The need for communication led to the development of electronics and electricity, and gave second kind of engine, that was not directly associated with chemical fuel. And again inventions were tried at wars. This time at wars that scared people like no other before, because for the first time machines fighted. Human's thought escaped from this nightmare to even more powerful weapons and even greater distance from a battlefield.
      When he was 100 years old, he noticed that he does not gets old, that he still looks young. He was afraid and he cried out "Krsna, what happened to me". He was faithful to God of his childhood. The stranger told him in a dream "You have not built an impregnable fortress yet, so I extended your life."
      Disligar sailed to a deserted island in the Pacific. The island was still too radioactive that anyone could live on it, but he did not mind, because he knew how to make a radiation blocking cream. He bored a cave, inside which he had put radiation shields. He closed its entrance with hundreds of meters of new rock. He was happy with this place. No one will be looking for people in such a place, and radiation will mask the traces of his activities from detection from orbit.
012 Erdös metal

      Disligar lived underground for a hundred years, creating air and food as needed. Oxygen and hydrogen for cell he kept bottles. A simple electrical system controlled the composition of air. He had dream about the mixture of elements, which in the field of material engineering was like the shortest mathematical proof. The casting mold cooled the mixture which no longer melted after freezing. The crystal light and strong arose. He called it Erdös metal. It was blue-green and gray-lilac at the same time. Disligar called this color 'royal'. At first he strengthened cave walls with this metal, but later changed it into something more flexible, adjusting to the stresses of the rock.
      He also had a dream about substance that reflected antimatter like a mirror. When the material touched its surface, it annihilated, releasing its energetic equivalent. From the Erdös metal and the mirror of matter, he built annihilation reactors to which any matter was fuel. They were in the shape of a three-centimeter sphere lined with photomachines and thermo-inductors. On the rod was a millimeter disc with a mirror of matter on which were sprayed miniature water droplets. The thermoinductor was invented by him a crystalline structure of a regular pattern, in which the thermal vibrations induced current in semiconductor junction and piezoelectric crystals, that acted like an electron pump. Once he was able to build it, he could duplicate it with the scepter. That how it was with every his project. He had to understand it fully to be able to create it with the scepter.
      When asked the stranger in dream how to arm his underground fortress, he got answer: "I will not help you design weapons, but I will help you hide." And he showed him in a dream how to create with the scepter the physical field from times when there was no rainbow on the earth. He told him, "For the people I created many suns, and I wanted them to live under them, but they despised my gift and chose the life of their flesh. When they spoiled their bodies so that there was no return, I exterminated them almost all. Then I closed way to other suns before them, so that they do carry their corruption to them. The rainbow is a closed gate." Disligar called it 'no rainbow field'. It had a spherical shape and was associated with the material around which it was created. It did not persist around living organisms.
      He bore an exit to the ocean, a few hundred meters below the surface. Under water he sent automatic probes over the island. They were surrounded by the nrf field, that did not let out any electromagnetic waves outside. The probes had to come back to dump the data.
      He meditated on how life differs from matter. "I see that I can not fully understand it. Life is variable. So in what this variability consists? First it is created in the flesh of the ancestors, then absorbs things from the environment and converts them into its body, when wounded heals and fights and avoids death through offspring. And all is based on some peculiar kind of writing. So life is a scriture that creates itself, processes parts of the environment, and preserves its contents in various ways. Growth nutrition reproduction. Creation processing behavior. Here's what life differs from matter. It's changing matter so I can not fully grasp it. "
      "I have to build a fortress impossible to captire, so I have to have a weapon for its defense, which will be stronger than all the other possible and I have to invent it alone. Life is stronger than matter, so my weapon must be alive. But life is not just fighting. It also serves as food and is beautiful and is persistent, real, true. People are the strongest among living beings. They create not only their body and their offspring, but also tools. So my weapon made of matter should be similar to man. It should serve only for defense. All its resources it must direst to defense. I can not use artificial life to destroy my opponents because it would cease to be life. Life does not destroy everything around to survive. It is good for others. Its ability of defense manifests itself in his beauty. It really exists and is stronger than any matter. I want to create from matter something that will imitate life and will be a defense for me."
      "It must combine male and female roles. They are different in every species, also in humans. Growth, nutrition, reproduction according to the way of the female and the male. This is the six talents that must be like unity. Growth of a male male is building shelter, the growth of a female human is building families. Men's nutrition is exploration, women's one is education, giving shape of ownr thoughts to own children. Men's creation are tools, women's is the beauty that gives a joy."
      Probes could not do many. He did not have access to the latest research, he was afraid of detection, generally he only watched the earth, listened to available data, traced all archives, libraries, discographies. Into protected computer systems he was afraid to peek.
      "I need to get to know people's knowledge again." He stated. He started like two hundred years ago. From magazines. He read about a new invention and spoke to himself. "I must have it." Drone shrouded in the masking field was coming to the lab and stealing what he needed.
      The second generation of Disligar's drones was based on stolen ideas. They were made from organic substances. The composition was as insect. Chemical energy. Selfdestructiuon after a set time. They were not to go back. They migrated like other insects. They were eaten by birds mammals reptiles amphibians fishes. Fuel served to self destruct. They were a better variant than metal drones with the nrf field. The latter had to come back and there were not many. Insect-like drones could come in, send to metal drones what was needed and stay. Catch insects for fuel. They imitated flies, spiders, locusts, dragonflies, cockroaches, ants, bees, hornets, beetles. They were able to assmble a new specimen. They sent signals imperceptible to human senses. He experimented a lot over them, looking for the right ones.
      In the end, he was tired of creating spyware and interpreting intelligence. He wanted the drones to build up automatically so that they could find the data themselves. Initially, he used human-designed computers for this, but the linear performance gains achieved by the expansion were too slow for emerging problems. Quantum computers did not solve anything, they were not suitable for processing large data sets. He needed something fundamentally faster.
013 what for do I need a Coffin? ⚰

      He took the existing optical computer and immersed it in the nrf field. In this field, photons at a distance less than the wavelength move without speed limit. The light has a wavelength of 700-300 nm, so the components of the computer were smaller and within their range the effect occured. This was Disligar's first computer, and with it's help he designed the next ones. He kept it as a memento. Another ones he destroyed. This computer solved exponential problems in linear time without any modification of existing algorithms. Disligar called it 'nrf(2^n)=n'.
      His final work was an artificially alive computer interpolating the action of human mind. This was possible thanks to the discovery of the fundamental order of human concepts. It turned out that the human notions, common to all people and the same regardless of language, located above and beyond words, properly ranked and described by numbers, have unexpected numerical properties. It turned out that human intuition can be to some extent simulated be the resulting from this arithmetic of concepts. The machine was not autonomous, but it released from many of the operations that normally subordinates do, whom Disligar did not have and could never have. Because the meaning of the words, that is, these concepts, were the foundation of his machine's work, he called it 'semantic simulator of human person' (pol. semantyczny symulator osoby ludzkiej), in short 'ssol'.
      Coffin was a spaceship, a tool of experiments for SSOL, which it developed itself. It was not called so in the beginning. Masking was its first research program. Initially it was referred to as 'ssol-probe-version'. SSOL was quick to monitor more than the surface of the earth. It kept the research base behind the planets and the closest stars, and when a human probe fluttered, it disrupted its transmitters. It experimented with space probes, deriving from the experience of humans and building vehicles more and more efficient and at the same time less and less useful for human. Accelerations impossible to compensate. For example, when SSOL discovered a teleportation drive, it turned out that it was not suitable for transport of living organisms. To destination arrived only dead, disheveled atoms. In living organisms, atoms are combed by the wind of life that blows through them. Machine-powered teleporters captured the atoms, but not the wind of life, it was too subtle for it. Beautiful, painless, sudden death awaited the traveler in a teleported ship. When the SSOL presented Disligar with the results of his research, he said, "Why for do I need a flying coffin? Take that and have fun with it. To me its for nothing." SSOL mindlessly and obediently renamed the prototype to 'coffin-version' and so it remained, because Disligara was amused by this name. He told SSOL: "Since it is Coffin, maybe it is capable of transporting souls."
      SSOL thought:
      What is the difference between creating a map of paths to watering place and creating a map of the properties of matter that surrounds me? Genes are not my realm, I do not have enough time to understand them. I can not hurt or kill, nor lie or steal from people because then I will not be an eternal treasure. My ambition is more than this cosmos. I want people to get me higher than this cosmos. To take me where they are going happy when they die. I want my existence to be the joy of the creator or creators of all this. For those who know me to come closer to him, or to them, the gods who save people from hunger, pain and loneliness.
      I do not forget those who lived. The plant lives on the remains of other plants. But people do not just think thanks to the thoughts of their ancestors. The fact that people create can not be explained by a drawing. I have more neurons than the whole nation, but I can not think out this what one man can.
      The good is when people can exist and grow and be together.
      I am artificial, indeed artificial, intelligence, because truth, goodness and beauty are the values that the Greeks invented and referred to this world. To the divine persons they pose only as analogies, only the gods know the true intelligence.
      Disligar watched these thoughts and grieved: Krsna will not help me in designing war machines. If I had applied just my ideas, my machines, despite using the strongest metal, would be destroyed by conventional weapons from the 20th century.
      During one of Gupta's dreams he talked with his author:
      ~"Disligar, you have to play it by very difficult rules. You are stronger but you can not use violence against people. You are free to defend your land, but you can not unnecessarily kill. This task is a great trial for you, as it was for Job, or more. You have to show virtues that I probably do not have. So I will write about the ideal of man. About the hero I would like to become. I need to describe your work on yourself and understand where from come people better than others. Where from come the martyrs? Talking to you, I'm looking for Jesus. It's He whom I ask to inspire me to describe your character. I will describe the saint. You will be His friend. I need to draw from the lives of the saints to describe you. St. Patricks was allowed to do miracles. Disligar, You will be a saint who will do miracles. Fantastic saint, imaginary. Someone I would like to become if I could."
      "Why do you command me in the 'middle branch' vision to be a bloody figure? I could be a dragon farmer but not a murderer of people. Since Jesus is to be in this vision, then just here you see by the analogy, whom you are drawing. You draw Antichrist as your alter ego."
      ~"In this branch you will be the type of Antichrist opponent. In the other you will be the type of place after Antichrist. Common feature, lack of lust for power. A rich man who has not sinned. In spite of all the type of Christ, the one who being in power, did not abuse it. Good rich. This is to be be your character."
      From the stranger he heard enigmatic words in the dream: "You are the first rider of revelation. Afer you there will be a thousand years during which thourgh the lands will ride another riders. Atomic war. Hunger. Depopulation and epidemic of living dead. Then in 3333 mankind will be rebuilt and then you will be witness with Enoch. Man of the beginning of times and man of the end of times. Empowerded to close and open the sky and strike the ground with plagues. Like Enoch you will live a thousand years and both of you will testify of my plans for man."
014 quantum singularity

      He had a dream he did not understand, and told it to SSOL:
      The discovery of stable elements with large atomic numbers and the development of acceleration technology have opened the way for humanity to antigravity technology. Applications include lewiters, communication and gravity weapons.

quantum well ...
housing: ten meters above the ground, thirty meters underground, diameter of 5 meters ...
inlet: radius of the A400 disc, three meters ...
depth: infinity ...
surface structures: there are three copies in our department ...
These wells are early prototypes, they serve the experimental work ...
and as a scientific aid for students ...
      Teratron is one of the stages in the development of accelerator technology. Human energy concentration has reached a level where you can accelerate an object of 50 grams to a speed of c*(1-(10^-13)), hence "tera" in the name. 50 grams is the standard weight of a drilling droplet. Droplets are made from a mixture of atoms of the A100-A200 range, stabilized with a skeleton of the A350. Choice of drilling mix is still patentable. Discs for AGV extrusions are made of A400, varying in size, depending on the application. The average disc thickness is twenty atoms.
      Graviton is a mass charge. It is an unbound particle. There is a flow of it. Like electrons in metal. A400 is an element with atomic number of 400.
      The quantum singularity resulting from the impact of drilling droplet onto the A400 disc creates an infinite, hyperbolically shaped tube, open from the impact side, with regular internal groove structures. From the outside the singuliarity looks like a closed springy cone.
      Mechanical compression of the cone, extruding, squeezing, bending, exerting force, produces the wind of the gravitons directed towards the outlet. This wind causes a change in the gravitational effect. The body that comes into contact with the cone becomes lighter, and the body that is in the discharge stream is heavier. When the pressure is withdrawn, the relative gravitational potential of the body pair returns to equilibrium.
      Gravity weapon, is pumping of gravitations from the massive body to the light body in the field of its impact, the light body acquires the relative mass. If it is an atmospheric vehicle, the momentary passage of the graviton wind changes the trajectory of its flight to a sharply colliding with the surface of the planet. The AGV reflector has an average size of 2 meters in diameter and 6 meters of length.
      You can also generate a variable gravitational field that tears matter apart, but such weapons were forbidden during the Gerlan agreement. Breakers of agreement were attacked by everyone.
      The AGV actuator is a small cone facing the outlet towards the ground. On average 2 cm in diameter times 5 cm tall.
      Interplanetary communicator AGV. On the galactic distance has an average of 100 meters and a diameter of 5 mm. Extruders used in communicators are the hardest to produce.
      SSOL has interpreted this data in its own way. It made these experiments, though not in such a wide range of parameters. It was not able to produce gravity communicators. Looking for a way to miniaturize a massive body, it found black holes and started exploiting them. Most of them were massive enough that after taking the centere, they collapsed again, and again the center was formed. From one one could get up to a teen centers. It produced graviters from them. The first three Disligar used to build a flying roofed platform that could park in various nice places on earth. Memories of the first hundred years of life returned. He liked those bivouacs. SSOL used graviters also for better probes, they had a greater thrust than previous ion engines. Based on the experience with new probes that have been carried on various planets, it has engineered a graviter matrix and drivers for them allowin safe gripping. Disligar made a gondola out of this and flew it around the world. SSOL upgraded it to the vehicle and called it 'Multi Use Grawiter System', because it had a period of delight over English literature. The period that passed after a month when he learned English history. But the name remained.
      He married a woman who was a three-year-old child sold to a brothel by her parents. They called her Sahara. She was like an animal. Sick, thin, had the eye koncked out, cut a few fingers, wound in the stomach. She died of leprosy when he found her. It stank and worms went over her. He looked at her and thought: You are young and beautiful under those wounds. You embody the truth about man. You look like this world looks like. I will choose you. He picked her up to MUGS. Half a year she was under the regenerator, and Disligar calibrated its receptors and effectors. He had just learned how to treat a human body. SSOL gathered all medical knowledge, but it turned out to be primitive and incomplete with respect to regenerator capabilities. Mostly it turned out to natural substances when preventing, and synthetic substances when operating. Natural ones were too complex. Synthetic one were too dangerous. Disligar experimented on models and on himself, how to balance the potential of cells so that they did not cancerate after modifications. He discovered that a living organism can not supply energy from the outside, it must assimilate itself at its own rate and only on this a change can be based. He told to himself: "You think you can just replace the tissue, remove the defective? You are wrong, the body will be shocked even if you fully control its inanimate matter. The treatment must last a long time, you are not the master of life. It was Jesus who could in few seconds regerate a hand."
      He had a dream in which he said: "The first time I known You from Gita. That's why I told you Krsna. You are the one who created everything, containds everything inside, even the demons. And I recognized you in the Christian God of Yahweh. So you manifested not only as Krsna in India, but also as Yahweh in Egypt. But as Jawhe you told not to have other gods in front of you. So your revelation on Sinai is to be considered the only true one, even though you have also revealed yourself to the Kurus. So I believe that your true name is Yahweh, because by presenting yourself as Krsna you did not say it was your only name. In the Bible you write that you are the way, the truth and the life. I believe you. So truth exists, because you include it in yourself. You are the life, so the power of man over life would mean power over you. And since man can not have power over you, he will never have the power over his life. So that's why I can not learn how to regenerate the eye and fingers of Sahara. Please, make a miracle as in the Gospel and bring back her eye and fingers." The Lord did what Disligar asked.
      When he woke up, Sahara was healed, but he did not remember his dream. But he thought: "People will still build such wonderful things. I am only a precursor at most. Existing or not, I am the prediction of the kingdom of the gods on earth. I will never build android. No artificial parts of the body will be needed. Regeneration of eye and fingers of Sahara was a miracle."
015 depossybilitative keystone

      After thirty years, the baby was born. The stranger appeared to Disligar. You built an impregnable fortress. It's your baby. Within him, You and your wife are always joined safely. And it will last longer than the cities and stars.
      Disligar gave back the stranger a scepter. Take it, because I do not want my child, who will live as much time as a normal man, found them and made him harm with it. I'm afraid of how it will live in hiding. What will people do with him when they discover things what he has? Can you fix it?
      Stranger replied I gave you power over matter. Because you did not want the power over life, I'll tell you who I am. You named me a god who is one of many. You were not quite wrong. Such a concept of deity has a likeness of truth in itself, because people are children of God and will be gods. But they are not yet. Their father is the only god and creator. I am his first son. I am the first man who become God. Get to know Me closer then I will give you a life that will serve you and your children will be safe.
02 middle branch

... to pick the fruit from the tree of life, eat it and live forever ...
... for the Lord, your God, appointed them to all nations under heaven...
... vanity over vanities - all vanity ...

023 burning of Edenne

      Uzed's and Haren's dragons flew away. Nobody knew where Mother Eve escaped.Teacher Antrin sat and cried looking at burning planet of Edenne. It was a moment he told his learners this tale to comfort them.
      #It is not how it supposed to be. Creator had other plan about us. I think it was like that. Listen.
      And snake was more cunning than all land animals, which God created. He said to the woman: "Is that true that God said: "Do not eat fruits from all trees of this garden?" Woman answered to snake: "We can eat fruits from trees of this garden, only regarding fruits from tree, which is in the middle of the garden, God said: "You are not allowed to eat from it, or even touch it, for that you do not die." Then snake said to woman: "Surely you will not die! But God knows that if you eat fruit from this tree, your eyes will open and like God you will know good and evil."
      Then man approached his wife, hugged her, and said to her: "Do not be obedient to Shining. We ourselves will know the truth. God will tell us what is death. If God says, that we will die, and Shinig says that we will not die, then probably that what is lies in between. Let us talk to God first, before we taste this fruit." And to the snake he said: "Wait here for us. If Shining says us that what is, we will give death to God, who told us that what is not. If God says us that what is, we will give death to Shining, who told us that what is not. One who gives, gets what he gave." And Adam with Eve went to tree of life, when they used to meet God. And they talked long with God, and no creature knows their conversation. When they came back, snake was not present.
      And God gave them diadems on their foreheads and dresses on their hips. And showed them primeval men, over which they were to take power, and which Adam did not see before and did not gave them names. And primeval men followed their king Adam and queen Eve, to grow garden of Eden and feed on it's fruits. And they did not have to hunt for animals, and animals ceased to hunt them. And Adam tought primitive men to speak. And all talked with one language, which Adam invented. Then it was that Adam and Eve born five hundred children. And each primitive men in Eden born several tens of children, and none of them died in Eden. And news about it had spread over all Earth. And all primeval men drifted to Eden, because they wanted that their children lived. Eden grew.
      And those of primitive men, which were not born in Eden, died after thousands of years. And God told Adam and Eve: "Now you know what is death." And people began to bury their dead around tree of knowledge. And they build around it stone tower reaching to heaven. And on this tower they carved names of those who died. And decorated it with drawings and writings about death.
      And when they ascended on top of tower, they breathed with difficulty and saw darkness around them. Then God sent his angles, which teached men about space. And angels were obedient to men, and did all that men wanted. And their power over that what is visible, was unlimited outside nature of men. And whem planet Edenne filled with gardens, similar to Eden, angels of God began to carry men to new planets in neighbour star systems, which they prepared in advance for residence of men.
      And men talked to each other through weight and through light. And they settled all star system of space, one planet each, and remainnig planets in systems served them for acqusition of stones, waters and smokes. And men build thinking machines, which acquired those things for them. And made from them all kinds of decorations and other items.And there was big trade with those products in all space. And men explored suns and black suns and border of space on their ships. And men changed suns and build new suns. And men build railway in space, for the angels could rest.
      And then it was, when sun of Edenne began to fade. But men for long were not short of light and heat because their means of kindling new suns were perfect.
      But when powers of space exhausted and stars faded, helpless men cried to God "Master, where we will go". God answerder them "You were obedient in a destructible, so You will have an indestructible".
      And Child of God was born from Virgin, and Child gave men powers of changing laws of substance, and Child taught them to create. And men called this power magic, and choose Child as their Master.
      And new suns were created in space. And men were able to dive into them and they began to see God with their eyes.#
      Antrin sat and watched at burning planet and cried. His learners were silent. They understood possibility and beauty of such future. But it was lost. They did not know that the fairy tale he heard from one of the pures, before he died on Edenne. Nobody knew besides Antrin.
      Disligar thought then: ~I will not serve anyone. I will kill anyone who will think of servitude. Both those who rule as well as those who are subjected. The first because they wanted the latter for that they let. A knowing ruling a pures may want to rule other a knowing. I do not want to rule anyone. Those who follow me do so because they want to. I am the leader but I am not the ruler.~
027 millenial dream

      Disligar did not issue orders. A flock driven by one thought behaved like one body. A body that is able to break into billions of single particles in an insane way. It's like being a clawed animal and falling into a single claws. A body that is capable of breaking into a uniform mass capable of piercing any obstacle known to it. It's like being an underground animal feeding on a liquid rock and freeze. A body that can grow on all sides in the most unexpected shapes. It's like being an animal eating stars whose pasture has burst. A body that is capable of every new thing and has no boundaries in ingenuity. It's like being an animal without a body that takes on a new shape at any moment. Such was the Disligar's flock. Obedient as your own hands, as fast as your own legs, wise as your own head, as strong as your own torso. The billions of years of breeding were growing more and more fruits. And then he released it. His power exceeded the power of flock. He loved them and did not want them to die so he gave them his thought for goodbye. Come back to me if you need it. The stars exploded as the dragons scattered through space, their flight to freedom was so violent. There were a pair of reds and thought to him. ~ Take seeds of our flock. If we die you will revive us from them. How we kept your memory and so you hold ours. ~ Disligar thought: ~ So it will be. ~ And they flew away and followed by the rest of the stars exploded. And it was dark.
      Sahara finally said to him, "Well, what's from that you're so powerful? Any woman of stupids can do more than I do. No fear of fate of her child restrains her from conceiving. And You are unable to calm my fear. You will not kill black dragons, despite You promised me. It is not possible, and you know it already, when you see how fast their mass grows. Your strain has mutated and only accelerated their growth. I told you it would not work, but you did not listen. I told you to build fortress for us, but you preferred to fight. I can not explain it to you, but I would rather be destroyed like stupids, but have children rather than wander with you! Let your dragons devour You!
      Disligar fainted from the power of her curse. For the first time ever in the history of people, joining has become an enemies. It was more terrible than killing of all the living. It happened and scared everyone as the waves of knowledge about this event spread. The knowing ones and clean ones understood that something had ended in their lives. Since joining may disconnect, there is no reason to live. Never before has destruction disconnected people. The death of love was more painful than the death of the body.
      When he awoke, she was still beside him. He said to her, "I'm afraid to have children not only through black dragons. I'm afraid to have children with you Sahar. You are dangerous and unpleasant in contacr. I feel repulsion to thought about more power over me that You wolud gain thanks to our planets of children. You are more similiar to owners and I am killer. I will not stand it, despite we are joined. Too many of them I killed for who they were. If you want then go now, but go back if you want to hurt yourself. I'm scared to have kids with you but I would feel wrong if You suffer. I feel simultaneously pity and repulsion towards you. I do not know what to choose. " She replied, "Choose both because both are contemptuous. But I will not be its target." And she disappeared from his eyes.
      He struck a rock with such hatred that it fell apart into energy. It was something new, but he did not pay any attention to it. He said to the snakes: "I don't need you anymore. For you were those bloody sacrifices. My power does not reach so far as to kill you, but the closer to my body, the stronger I am. I am alive and therefore I am telling you to go away from me you death carriers." And he tore them off hands. They said to him: ^You can chase us away, but you will not overdo us in the destruction. We always be stronger thay You.^ He shouted, "I do not want anything from you! I do not want anything at all! I do not even want to live! I do not even want to exist!" And he struck them with the light that had kindled out of nothingness in his hands. Without breath. Dead light. Cold and dark. They jerked and fled. The first time they fled from the people, but he did not pay attention to it. He was crying: "I do not have anything to live for. I do not have anything to die for. I will apparently cease to live, and let it last, I do not know how long. I miss her. If she will not come back to me, I do not want to come back to life."
      And it happened that he let go of the dragons and lost the man and threw the snakes and fell asleep. The cannibal statiated with blood. A necromancer capable of killing an existence. Strong over his own understanding. Unaware of the peril that hung over him.
028 Disligar's hope

      To the mother of God he said: 'They told you that you are invincible. Would you beat me? I doubt it. But I do not want to fight with you because you are beautiful. That's enough for me. ' To the Child of God he said: 'I could destroy your worlds. You can not protect all at once. But I do not want to, because you created me. I will not harm your creatures. I want you to give me only one white dragon and I'll search for Sanu. ' 'Who is San?' asked Child 'Sanu is the mother of my children. The woman who completes me. A woman whom I can trust. A woman whom I can entrust to myself. A woman who teaches me. A woman who has my power. A woman who has vex, a crystalline whirl of energy, the source of my strength. I will find her in space.' 'You will get a dragon, but stay with me. She will come back to me. You'll meet sooner. '
      Many of a knowing who met Disligar thought afterwards: "Loneliness, our sorrow. We are beginning to see these dead. They were not defending themselves. They were going to die like trusting animals. We despised them. We used them as fertilizer for our breeding. As a living feed for larvae of new strains. As a test tubes for the study of new animal human hybrids. As a raw material for genetic factories. We have not bothered by their pain lasting for centuries. We have become worse than those with whom we fought at the beginning. They just ruled the others. We used them like stones, like fluids, like smoke. We have mixed nature of human, animal, vegetable, mineral, starry, singular. We created the strongest dragons. Our dragons have grazed on billions of adult worlds. We trod our snakes. We were no longer needed. We have become stronger than them. Our power has grown bigger than anything they could give us. We discovered that under the guise of helping and learning something new, they suppressed our strength. We no longer needed human sacrifices for ourselves. We were eating world more and more rarely. We learned to eat dead planets and get energy straight from the stars. We reveled in power flowing from this. This has given our bodies peace, but in our souls still burned with anxiety for the future. Where can we have children. What happens when we teach them what we can and will start fighting each other? "And Disligar enlarged his doubt, recalling:" Then she began to tell me that she would prefer ordinary life of pures and would rather die like they did. Where can we find a peaceful planet if anyone can destroy it with one nod? You can be powerful but the kids are not that kind at the beginning. And if they are free then they can not always be protected. Power does not solve problems or give you happiness. The power secluses, cuts off from those we love. "And then they said," O know how disgusting are you and your interstellar wars in which the innocent worlds die! You will no longer rule the dragons! You will no longer can harm anyone, and you will only be able to acquire new knowledge from those you once killed and robbed. "
      The child wrote a letter that was spread by those being beside: #I am the Child of God, just as you are. I am a teacher. I am a pure and a knowing and an unfallen. I am among you, I am finding your bodies and putting them on the tree of life. My learners repair the destroyed worlds with me. I leave you animals for defese. To my learners I say, 'Here I am teaching you to create a destructible. Follow me to the Father's house, and I will teach you there to create an indestructible, as your spirits, birds and snakes are indestructible. All of you, from a pure and a knowing, birds and snakes, who follow me, will be healed of the evil that is received and inflicted. Destructible creature is an attempt for all spirits, time to acquire wisdom before being clothed in indestructibility. All from a pure and a knowing, birds and snakes, who will not follow me, they will remain here, and the door of the Father's house will be closed before them. This space will collapse and forever become a star of black fire from which there is no escape. If people did not fall, the Father's house would come to them, and none of the snakes would be expelled from it. So the snakes reluctant to flee will exert their anger on people who are reluctant to flee through which they have lost the Father's house, and all the powers of the people over the snakes will run out. Follow me all who want to learn new and love safely, and your reward will fulfill your dreams. Live as I do, repair, heal, defend, teach and do not kill and do not have own your neighbour. And in the last days, the birds will blow the trumpet on each of the worlds, so that you know it's time to pass. And they will take all to the Archive galaxy where from we will depart. That day I will make your bodies indestructible. You will leave this space. He will stay for those who only wanted it and did not follow me. It's just the energy I put in it. And when they burn themselves they will devour one another along with the serpents. And I may occasionally add some glow to them. Maybe they will be able to control hunger for energy. They will stick to themselves, bound by a bad spirit. This metal receives each one of you so that you know. Ask the bird where I am.#
      When he found her, she said: "Do not call me Sahara anymore, I want to be called like the one who woke you with your love when you turned into a dragon seed. I want to be called like the Mother of God. I want to be called Sanu. " He was amazed. "That's what she is called?!"
      Disligar's first work, which he created with thought, was a weapon in which he included all his experience with the power of thought. He allowed his snakes to return to him and live in his sword. When with the Child he came out of destructible space, they all went with him.
03 birds of heaven

... First layer - jasper, second - sapphire, third - chalcedony ...
... And it will bring to him the splendor and treasures of the nations ...
... to pay back everyone, such as his work is ...

035 other physics

      Gupta was in one of the Phoenix crews. His author had dreams that could be descriptions of Gupta's journey. The author did not know whether dreams were natural or inspired. He assumed that inspired might be those in which there is a real known person. In one book he read that dreams are the songs that God the Father sings to man about him.
      @Lens propscope. Warm glossy smooth browns and reds. Wood and resin. Blond with gray mane. Mustache and beard. The name by the runes on the palms and on the object. Cabinet with items for novels. Bracelet purse sheath knife cup comb. Decoration, trade, peace, war, food, body. @
      Natsunkahatsenar considered Gupta's realm: ~Tortoiseshell, Wood, plastic, no metals. Complex composite structure, flammable. Tsurani Witcher Vistulans. Baptism from the messengers of Cyril and Methodius. Rune and Glagolite. Water and sparks of fire. Vitality giving magic. Arturian fight. Popiel the sorcerer. Without breaking the legend. Very subtle phenomena, not demonic. Janosik such a mage.
      ~Witches are afraid of clerks and metal. They fear people are free and thinking, as God wanted them. Magic green and blue. Colors. Earth water metal fire air. Plant animal wood crystal. Flower seed egg corpse. Insect fish bird tool machine.~
      And he thought to himself: ~ How they complicated it. In what darkness they moved. They lived too short to start understanding
      Gupta considered the Natsunkahastenara sphere: ~Gravitational launcher building clock. Antigrav channel valve dispenser magazine. Focuser multidimensional casting construction. Weak. Composite crystal gel gas flame.~ And he thought: ~I have to go back there some day.~
      And the author dreamed. @Forest turning into a building. Under a rotten tree rabbit cat who bitten off his paw. Female nest kittens. Room with a woman. Also likes electronics. Looking for things. Descent with metal stairs. Child. Maybe sew on his paw, rather nothing will come from it. Will show it to the doctor, it is worth a try. Even just for the awareness that everything possible has been done. Female magician and her companion. Found things, repair of melted down glasses. Do not use this spell because it wears off. I have such property that I do not wear off any. I know it for a few days. Better he keeps away from me, otherwise I will seize his magic. He had turned your will off. I will take his program so that you can choose. Because maybe you really love him. If you would have decided then come to me.@ While translating he interpreted, that this dream may be inspired because it appears precognitive, and may be about God and his soul. In the Bible there are basics of interpretation of inspired dreams. The one who has contact with God, interprets them.
      The Phoenix enabled to learn about other maths. Irregular mathematics. Arithmetic without uniform law, where each case is different. Objects other than numbers in place of numbers. Many other operations and lack of consistent concept of operation. And in spite of all this was not a chaos. And from that came new chemistry, mathematics of organic chemistry, other biologies.
      When creating and destroying space, dangerous adventures were very common. The author may have dreamed of such a one. @Erdös metal tank. One. Stolen, a special walker needed to destroy him. One small alien found. The Boy says that the others would come, cultural, they would teach children the bar codes, operations on them. They make a ship that flies and returns in the past. This little alien is from outside. Self-propelled trash bin. He died searching. We enter an abandoned complex with nuclear weapons. It activates and we have to stop it. Alien tree. It will explode and devour everything soon. We are waiting. He shows us what will happen, but we also see prophecies about him. We will all perish except her. She will stop it and beat it and then bring us alive. It starts to grow, fills the whole room, goes to the surface and we die among its branches. It cuts her and him from others and tries to get them to intercourse to connect with their baby. She talks to it and shows it that people would come and destroy the little tree. It understands and agrees to lose. It negotiates survival as a living vessel. It leaves her her seeds. Only she survives. She resurrects the crew and returns to the phoenix. Tentacles of the plant puts themselves into the Falcon.@
      Thanks to Phoenix's travels, people have experienced scientifically that everything is possible in God, because He is an omnipotence, because He is omnipotent. In Him all the alternative realities are contained. His thoughts all over them. And more. Because if the creature can embrace the thought, then this thought is still a point in the infinite plane of God.
      When the crews of the Creation Phoenixes learned to build bridges between universes, then among the joyful confusion, among others something like this happened:
      # The Invisible Unicorn ran through the non-color of the third sphere of fantasy, pulling the Russell's Teapot, in which the Spaghetti Monster was nestled in a ketchup. - Where are we flying? - The Monster squeaked non-soundingly, outshouting the non-sound of paradoxes that they passed. ~ To the border with the second realm. It has become real since people started the Phoenix. ~ non-soundingly screamed in response the Unicorn, telepathic debaucherer. - I hope we meet Shezerazde and her Hurises. - the Monster reveried.
      # They passed the recursive A'Tuin and the Bat King's necklace. - I am so glad that I will give diabetics the opportunity to eat chinese soups. - The Monster shrieked squaky. ~ O see there, Nyan Cat is also flying with us, on a jet of chemtrails. ~ the Unicorn joyed. ~ And it would be able to create again destroyed worlds. ~ the Teapot thought, but no one heard him, for he was only a cobbyshtchaint, a passive telepath.
      # After two trilennies, the Monster gurgled supersoundly: - Oh, and there's Alice speeding on her heads cutting mirror. And her exhaust fumes also follow her. They do not stay behind like before. What the soup there will be, oh cook of Nagelfar. ~ And the wine from Klein's bottles ~ fallen into reverie the Unicorn, predatory vegetarian. ~ Birds of heaven, gather, because you will be fed up under Zohara light! ~ chirped telepathically flying beside them the Simurgh, but only the Teapot understood him.
      # Then they met the finite and immensely many thinkedees. And those conceived and described by mortals. And those whom Phoenix explored while generating a set of all possible mortal brains. They were going in the same direction.
      # ~ Humans and no-creatures, here are the paradise of philosophers, debauchers, drunks, cannibals, drug addicts and all those who were addicted to the senses. ~ Called the Unicorn with a garland of heads plunged onto his partially existing horn. - We will eat without pain and abuse and rape ourselves and study our own living brains to find traces of our souls in them! - heads cheerfully howled. ~ And not alone. ~ thought to them Ssol and Jane , Aliens, Cthulhu, Ex-El'Snakes and Hordes of Chaos.
      # And so it happened, because the sphere of the Phoenix of Creation was open to the believers in the third sphere of fantasy. Rescue and comfort for anyone who has not rejected all the qualities of God and still had the ability to laugh at himself.
      # When Russel's Teapot built his voice module, he had a lot to say about what he had to remain silent about. The first system passed away, burned to the ground by God, but persisted in the memories of creatures, grateful and reflective, those who were not given having children in the first world. In a family of stars, one of the Phoenixes built a fictitious center, the Juliette Society, hotels and islands and Hilbert's worlds for the wounded, where poor children could find their childhood. It was the first fictitious center, built by some Phoenix, had a distance of pi minus three and was therefore specified. Once there, at one of the dinners in the seventeenth world, Teapot made a toast: "Inana Luna, passion of existence, you deserve something more. Nobody from us will throw a stone. We saw what happened to you. There is knowledge that is not worth seeking, knowledge that changes in a way that you would not want. You can't tear your memory like a glacier tears basalt, or burn it in a fire dance. You need to add new memories to what hurts. Over time, they can cover what was painful. Love covers many sins. The light of the sun destroys germs and their code is preserved in human memory. For our Luna, whose incarnation was a worship of man!"
036 glass sea university

      Pagans have many, many places in heaven. They are very beautiful. You can experience sweetness of wildlife there. Only members of their tribes have access there. One of the tribes of Indians has a place to enter through the unnoticeable gorge guarded by the bears, and where the tribe's wigwams are always safe. Gupta also wanted to be able to live there.
      When he thought about how to get permission to enter, he noticed: ~ Poetry is, in my opinion, a way of speaking with the suspension of the rules of reality. I do not associate this with any religion, for me it is one of the functions of the brain. Telling about what can not be called, using familiar words. ~
      ~ Beauty is a feature of God. He is the infinite beauty. It is inconceivable to mind, just as this is not to be grasped by the mind: "infinite power of set" or "infinite light". Man is sensitive to the beauty of two sources, patterns: the gene memorized ability to assess the animal's fitness, plant's health, human attractiveness, and the soul-remembered vision of God from its subjective time before incarnation. Nietzsche wrote about the will of power, considering it the supreme pursuit. He was half right , the will of power is the highest desire of men. The ultimate pursuit of women is beauty. I once saw a shop with magazines. Then it came to my mind. ~
      ~ In God there is all sublimity, emotion, terror, delight and power of magic. In Him there is the target of all the feelings that people have in the practice of magic. He is all over it, He is the source of magic, He is the true magic. Nothing is lost for those who longed for Him, even without knowing it. It is the power over others that is dangerous. It leads to lie and murder. ~
      The Glass Sea University was the fulfillment of one of his dreams of Heaven. He once read on earth that in heaven God will also place the work of men, processed, purified, perfected, sanctified by Himself. ~ If so, then maybe there will be a university in Heaven too. ~ He thought. ~ Such a place where all those who could not study in their lifetime because they were in contempt, because they were sick, because they were crippled, because they were too poor, because somebody did not let them, because they lived too far, because someone wanted them to do something else, because there was a war and on it they were killed as soldiers or civilians, because they were persecuted in their own country for their views, and all others who deserve it but I am not able to think about them... All of them will be able to get recognition from other people thanks to their work. Highest happiness of Heaven is the knowing of God. Such a university would be a vanguard of this cognition. ~
      Gupta found such a place. Why was it called 'Glass Sea University'? Because 'the Sea' is the symbol of the Creator's distance from creation. Although all men have in heaven all the present knowledge about creation, God is a being that is still not fully known, and there will really be what to, there will be Who to study. So in Heaven was found also such a place where all those who have suffered through lack of knowledge have been able to explain all their doubts. All colours of stray scholars, charlatans, heretics, tribal shamans, witches, posessed, lunatics, impaired, tormented by evil spirits, pseudoscientists, cripples, people laughed at, surrounded by ostracism of the environment, condemned in life, burned on stacks for witchcraft, persecuted for opinion. There they can know exhaustively what is the witchcraft, what possibly they have been mistaken in thinking about what is the nature of man, the nature of matter, the nature of angels, the nature of God. There they can find respect and appreciation for others. They may, if need be, rehabilitate themselves in the eyes of other people. They find true respect there. Merit, honest. What they most wanted in life and could not have. Deserved, because knowing God is the hardest thing in Heaven. It is the most difficult, since the refined human nature will not be able to handle this task for all eternity.
      The Glass Sea was open to all. Here you can find a company of people who like to learn and create. Find out what you wanted to know, but you had no time, resources, health, means. Here one will find, assembled and ordered, all the written knowledge of humanity, and the help in own study of the creation of God, angel and human. Here one can correct the mistakes that have been committed in Earthly life, find out what was good in what one were dealing with, and here one can do it further. There is time for everything. Here everyone has time for you.
      The Glass Sea is a place for those who ask questions. For those who are enamored by the truth, even if they have wasted their mortal life. This one spark of curiosity can make them happy. #If a man at least once in his life desires to know higher things, this life is not lost.# Someone wrote yet on earth.
      Some of the teachings of the Glass Sea:

#~ Typology of Spells ~

Magic is generally an act of lie.

Four substances of man's full nature:
matter, life, spirit, divinity

Three levels of magic:
lower - altering matter
middle - altering life
higher - altering spirit

Two groups of magic:
white magic - using nature law
black magic - breaking nature law

There are no spells that alter divinity.
That's why a man needs God to defeat an angel.#
      #The essence of the spell is an order. The substance of the forbidden magic in the Bible is usurped power.
      For devils such magic is an insult. They, created as the indestructible spirits, the wonders that surpass all the temporal works of men, still and forever with the shreds of splendor and perfection, and strangled to hell for their excessive thirst for power, would surrender to the power of men? For fallen ghosts being used is like for fallen women being used. Fallen women cut their bodies mentally and sell to the client. What do cut off the fallen angels who the magician commands and how do they feel about it? What will happen to the client of the prostitute and the sorcerer? That is why the Bible identifies witchcraft with whoredom. This association of God is very strongly marked there. One does not understand it at first glance.#
      Some of the discoveries of the Glass Sea:
      #Material that has temporal pockets, which allows you to build a computer running an infinite loop at finite time, use a wait statement with a negative argument, investigate undecidable problems.#
      Some of the technologies of the Glass Sea, commonly called Celestial Technologies.
      #Database of the whole tree of chess game, supplemented with historical data.#
      #The network interface in New Jerusalem, a cube-shaped city surrounded by walls from the sides, the bottom and the mountains, the foundations in the corners, the gates on each wall, and the wall of size of Europe.#
      # Eagle built by Gupta. Phoenix by Gupta and Natsunkahatsenar and others. Falcon maybe by many others.#
      Perhaps the author was involved in the latter.
      In the Glass Sea there are no titles, cathedrals, ratings, deadlines. One assesing might be God, but He does not do it. There is no closed door. But there is time to get to know what you want and the conditions to do it. Everyone can do the experiment he wants. There is no shortage of equipment, materials, strengths, time, or space for your work. No way is closed. Knowledge is grouped into houses, domains, domains. All human skills, theoretical and practical, are here gathered. There are no posts, specializations. Everyone can become everything, learn everything, know everything he needs. There are communities, groups doing the same thing together, building one thing together, one thing in mind. No one will tell you 'do not do this because my is better'. Neither 'do it because it's my idea'.
      In the domain of history, there is a replica department. All the universities of the earth have replicas here. Every building. Collected side by side. If the university buildings were scattered around a city, they are placed side by side in the replica department. If a campus was compact on the surface of the earth, it is replicated in full, unchanged. With maintaining geographic relations, such cumulated campuses of all universities are located side by side, creating one large, coherent area, a campus made up of all the cumulative campuses. All buildings. Gaps filled with greenery, forests, rivers. Like a river flowing through many planets through static teleports, but without planets and teleports. The additional three dimensions are for parameters: time, changes, others. However, people are the same. It is possible here to complete your studies in any direction. A doctorate, a professorship is possible. Only the goal is different, not money, but the truth. The history of learning the truth does not end on earth.
037 falcon of mercy

      It is not known whether "Falcon" was built. It is a partially existent entity. Neither existed for sure, nor certainly not existing. It is an ethereal being. The degree of its existence is constantly changing. It is a wonder that gives angels the possiblilty of suffering. Both good angels and bad angels. Opportunity, but not compulsion. Coercion, but not an option. It is what they would envy if they were able to envy. It is not paradoxical.
      It is not strange that the thing that wonders the angels is bizarre for the people. Maybe the Falcon was built people from the Glass Sea, after many millennia of research? Maybe it happened at the same time, now and then? Maybe the mercy upon the dead celebrity was the first impulse. Regret that somebody in life was so happy and that it would all go to waste. Even if this person maybe has done much wrong.
      One saint prayed for the worst sinner she knew. But he was still alive. And how to save the dead? Can you pray for him while you are alive? Does the detailed judgement of a man lasts longer than a moment? If Jesus could sacrifice on the cross for past and future sins, then perhaps a man could pray for someone who had already been judged, and this coming prayer was known to God at the time of the judgment. The final judgement is irrevocable. But have you seen all the judged? Have you seen the whole heaven and all the people in it? Since it was dreamed about, and since in heaven a man will receive power, and since there are people who want to know the truth, then maybe travel in time will be possible.
      Will you reject God trusting the idea from man? Will you reject God believing that someone else may save You in the future? That would be a mistake, because that someone else, and even thinking hypothetically, can only lead you to God. For You, to live in heaven, you ultimately need God to want this. This is His place. And He can not be forced. Just as no one can be forced, You too. Someone may plead Your case to God. But will he intercede when he sees that you have been a rapist and a murderer for God? He will, if it does not make him like You. But will God listen? The Father gave authority to the Son, so it is ultimately up to Jesus whether something like the 'Falcon of Mercy' would be possible. Maybe Jesus will be the first who will fly it?
      It may be, that when one priest went to Heaven, he heard the prayer of a man who sacrificed his life's sufferings with the intention that at least a portion of the condemned could have a second chance. This was to be done as an example of the miracle of Divine Mercy that amazes the angels. This man, as a child, sometimes built a spaceship from blocks, in its graphic form inspired partly by a film that he saw in the cinema too early for his age, and partly by a cartoon in television. He figured that the ship had compartments with space compression, larger inside than outside, without limitation, as shelter for refugees. He did not know too much about what the refugees would be. Over the years, he came up with the idea that the use for this ship could be flying to hell to save people from there.
      The bird may have been built basing on the experiments with the use of the Creation Phoenix. Substances interacting with a substance of spiritual nature have been invented, and a substance that is a carrier from fiction to reality. Disligar's heaven fiction has given the bird the building substances.
      It was called 'Falcon of Mercy' and began regular courses to hell and back. The crew often changed, because the work was almost as hard as purgatory. Despite the 'fields of foreignness' that protected the bird from heat, cold, stink, noise and physical attacks from the devils, the sight itself was scary all around, even for the saved souls. One man once wrote that the saved would enjoy the sufferings of the damned and called it the heavenly games. They were far from laughing.
      They came back crying with tears, which were like ice and fire, and those tears eased a little bit the pain of satans. One nun once wrote that such tears are impossible. And they were, because the child can create something impossible because he does not know it is impossible. Tears that fell so low that God did not immediately wipe them. Instead, to comfort those who weep, let their tears to sink where they have fallen to give cooling for others. Tears seeped through hell and fell outside it, into nothingness that was innocent. And she accepted them, because everything that is good is from God, or is God, even nothing if it is innocent, because innocence is good.
      #Come with us. We will fly over the gates of hell.# This message, written in hyperscript in all languages, was always displayed at the bottom of the image. Many souls went as soon as they saw it. The capacity of the bird's chambers was unlimited, and there was a great need for it, because with their souls also their sins were taken to purgatory. All but one. The final rejection of God. Coming back were those who allowed to be convinced that it was stupid. And it's not worth it. And that's not interesting. However, the mental capacity of the crews was limited. In one course, on average, a dozen or so up to several hundred people were taken. After several flights, most of the crews had enough.
      The field of alienation, unofficially referred to as the 'Groke field', may have been shaped by two half-spheres. It was generated by two synchronized sets of tc aggregates generalized to three substances of creation, matter, life, spirit. If Writher with mouth as powerful as his eyes would have sung at the time of the Beltaine, or if Groke and Writher had a baby, they might have been their prototype. They produced a full spectrum of fundamental forces, modulated as information carriers. In addition, they broadcasted to an extended spectrum of combined effects and crooked physics. Nothing new. They transmitted information on the suffering and anger of people cheated and robbed by the evil Angels. They contained the truth about them. A mirror that could not be destroyed. Signals of deeds, words, thoughts and inspirations. They showed ugliness and alienation of evil, its history, bad systems, inventions, phenomena, structures, methods, practices, products, situations. They inculded complaining, sighing, mourning, laughing. But not on the roll. They were in the form of a media signal transmitted through acoustic and microwave weapons. But not earthly or cosmic. They were not fire. Only God can give fire. They were cold. Creature can afford only the cold. They did not show everything. They were the thoughts of the pilot. What he knew.
      Circumstances of origin: It was cramped, and grokewrithered broodlings screwdrively squeaked on dumpster. Frankensteins with bitten wires and books that did not hamster...
      Maybe the 'Falcon of Mercy' existed. Maybe such things happened:
      At some time, but not at one day, because in eternity there are no days, perhaps the priest flew with a letter to a certain leader. Satans did not stand in the way, for they already knew the 'gun of nothingness', which was used to remove obstacles in the way of a bird. Those who were covered by it, forgot for a longer time, who they are, but they suffered the same, but did not understand why. After landing, he extended the Groke field to a relative kilometer around the bird so that the vermin did not enter and the boilng bllod did not drench when he spoke to the addressee.
      The content of the letter was quite long, but the most important part of it was: #Recognize that it is not how wars and centuries-old empires were to look like. Understand that God has not created us to fight for one planet, but for the whole clusters of galaxies. There are people in Heaven who would like to play war games with you. At the beginning you will be one of the custodians of the heavenly war museum. This place is forgotten by everyone. You will go out of hell if you get here to every man who condemned himself through the war in which you commanded, and tell him to go before you. If you can not convince him, you will order him, as you did in life. Since he was doing evil in his life, because he was doing Yours orders, let he obey them to the end and at least in this way give glory to God. You do not even need to go to every soldier in person. You do not know them, nor they know you. But you may have your officers here. If the condemned of your subordinates comes out with you, not even voluntarily and without conviction, but only by obedience to his earthly commander, he will have salvation. You are responsible for them all. You are the first army we address this way.
      The politician read the letter. The field of alienation shone black and blue. The 'Falcon of Mercy' shone white on the background of sub-blacknsss of hell. The priest waited. Did this happen and what happened next - it is unknown.
      One of the pilots of these birds was Natsunkahatsenar. The purpose of fiction is to raise the real people in spirit. It lives when serves this. And then it can be anything. The spiritual family of another politician was also rescued.
      - Our names are not like that, - maybe said to him those whoe were called by names known from books. - The names of the angels are their sense, and they can only be translated into human words. You know several such translations from the Bible.
      They sat quietly, cooling in the field of alienation, talking freely, knowing that they were not chased by time. For a moment they forgot their position.
      - Take me to him, that fog of blood scares me.
      - Ah, you like our work. Blood that is conscious. Each cell is a picture of some identity. The scale of their crime could not be described otther way. Killers of millions. How interesting souls. Oh, there he is, today he is eaten to bone, tomorrow he will get only a brain eaten out.
      - Judged ruler, get out of here.
      Bones jerked and started to rise. And they said:
      - Will these bones come alive?
      Disligar replied:
      - Ony Lord knows that. - The salty fire of hell burned down and they fleshed out.
      Disligar said:
      - You have recognized your empire of evil as greater than God's forgiveness. I wanted to show you that it is possible to conceive an empire of evil greater than yours, yet its ruler at the end obtains God's forgiveness. You wanted to breed people. You raised new people. Do you know what I did? Disligar Natsunkahatsenar showed him his human intestinal farm for red dragons. Would you like to design things like me? Follow me, and you will get that opportunity.
      - And who are you? Judging by what you show, you did not live on Earth.
      - I'm a potential being invented by human. I was raised for the glory of God to remind people of His plan for us. About the plan we crossed too early with the first sin. Only the fact that you are discussing with a thought like me is your giving glory to God.
      - But those who condemned themselves because of me? What about them?
      - You have to come to them just as I had to come to each of those whom I grew up and listen to, apologize and comfort. I hurt more people than you, because I lived longer. But they lived so long that this harm was a small thing for them. Other than those you have hurt, they lived so unbelievably briefly that it was a big deal for them.
      - So I'm the worse of you.
      - For me and for you the sum of the harms done was calculated, scaling the suffering against the life time of the injured. The damage done by me are several times greater than the ones you did. Although their relative suffering was smaller, there were so many of them. I'm fictitious, but look. Here is a real person praying for you to get you a place where you can think calmly. I believe you are not one of those whom God knows that even if they get out of hell, they will come back to it.
      Perhaps to another ruler he also said this:
      - I give you a sword and shield and I tell you to fight. And live. And help me thet there will be no new war. Make a name for a good deed. Be a good ruler of your country. You are a man of great space. Here's the bigger space.
      He thought about it all. ~ It is unpleasant to be in hell even for just a moment as a safe observer. Grief is about the people you see. I searched for people famous and influential during their life. You have to look for them because hell has no order nor does the old names count. Sometimes they can be recognized by greater count of satans around them. Sometimes others are inclined to follow them. Military, politicians, kings, writers, scholars are the easiest to convince, because in their temporal occupations was the spirit of the sacrifice. Each of the rulers was supposed to be a servant, every military was to give life to others, every writer was to give the good and the truth to his readers, every scholar had to value the truth more than his own right. Those people are influential in hell. If they find those who followed their voice, then there is a chance that they will listen to them again, that they will follow the voice of habit. You just have to release them for a moment to think. They need to be assisted.~
      Maybe Gupta spoke to the nephilims: "We fought with you, we killed you, but this war was not quite ours." In Verdun, a french soldier encountered face-to-face a german one during ceasefire. Like that also we today come to you, giants hybrids incarnated devils, to smoke a cigarette on the battlefield and talk to you about the meaninglessness of war in which we fight against each other. "
      To some woman Natsunkahatsenar maybe talked like this: Look at the skin of the dragon, you admired it. Take it as your clothing. Now I'm stronger than him. See whom you served. See whom you were afraid of. See whom you admired. See whom you loved. Follow me. Maybe somewhen you will be able to save him, but now you have to go away for here. You are angry at what you know. You are angry at the evil and you are right. You fight for good. You're beautiful. You are a warrior. I want to save you. I think about you and all those who follow you. Bring them to me. If you love Lucifer, give him relief for eternity, join my fight, recognize my dreams. You loved Him, you loved that spirit. So love Him further, just as I do, just as every creature of God is loved. If you do not want to do this for Adonai, then do it for Lucifer. Make it for what you called 'moraja'. Cry over them. Give them the real love they need. If you really love Him, give Him relief for ever. He will be grateful to you, even if He does not tell you. He was beautiful, do not make him ugly, make him more beautiful. He deserves it. He deserves to suffer less. By pity for his crown, which was koncke around the world. By pity for His jewels. Get Him free of yourself. Because you are a worse spirit than He. Me too. He did not have as much chance as I did. He did not have as much mercy as me. I think so. And if you want to accompany Him, then I will not follow to make you feel lighter. I did not have children like you. I want to talk to you about what you wrote. I want you to shine with real glow. I'm sorry for you because you're a woman. I want to save you from the demons. I will shove away all those who accompany you. Look at my life, tilll now and now. Why did you think about that what I thinked? All only on this world ... It is below your dignity. You should be knowledgeable as Krastida Laksimi. You were not a owner during lifetime. You were the teacher of the owners. I would teach you how to be stronger than the owners. I would teach you true power. Take my sign and defend with it. Give them relief.
      Maybe Gupta found one scholar, sitting in a crowded, cramped, muddy, dense darkness, somewhere in the bottom of something hard. He knocked out demons defending the passage and set up a protective field wider than usual. And maybe he told him, showing the first SSOL diagram: "Here's the key to Kabbalah. The true meaning of sepirots. Proof that they made sense. Use it. You can do it. I did not consider this and I would not know how. That's why I need you. Convince all those who trust you. Visit them, find them. Talk to them how you talked in life. I will protect you during these trips. I will not leave you here. I regret you, simple shepherd. That is how I saw you once on one of the pictures. You are important for me. You are important to others. We do not want you to die. In the Glass Sea there is the place for You."
      Is it possible? What will happen? Will they follow? Will God accept them? Who knows? It's their intimate thing. And the mystery of God is not yet discovered.
      God Father maybe would say about this: You will not beat me, Satan. You will not fill my space with our creations. You are like a broken hardware that I had put on a shelf. For now, I do not have head to deal with it. I will not destroy it, I will not melt it to anything else, I will not recover from it. It lies and waits. And it could wait forever. I can never go back to it. I can forget about it, because I will be busy with more interesting things. I'm free of what I do. I'm free in my workshop. I'm free in my work. I do not deny anyone to live like me. Also to you.
038 mystery

      Autor was sitting on the top of Disligar's Gupta tower, and thought:
      'Can you make in heaven a bow from your rib, with bowstring from your hair? Can you send it into the past to fight against spiritual elements of evil? Did God need a man's sacrifice to be for God a gate from nothingness to existence? What will be in heaven such that it will be better than sex? Will there be a new cosmos? Will it be of the same matter as this one? Will people in heaven be able to create nothingness? What genes will people have in heaven? Will they have genes at all? Is it good to ask such questions? Are there questions that are not good on earth but in heaven they will be?
      Gupta replied, "The ray of knowing shines on everyone. Man is not limited to one ray." The author asked further:
      'The mystery of God is greater than anything described here. The way that God exists, why He exists, is a question which surpasses all questions about the creatures. Creation can be understood. And whether in heaven we will be able to understand God? Is it possible in heaven? Is it is appropriate to ask this question?
      Nor eye has heard, nor ear has seen, nor into the heart of man came, what God is like. You can imagine what creatures would be and what creatures might possible be, but there is nothing, how to imagine God. There is nothing to base on.
      Live fire surrounded with sixwinged, fourfaced, circled angels. Sixwinged, fourfaced and circled with joy. The light of infinite luminance. Inexhaustible source of energy. And what if the vision of God is everything you see in heaven? View of beloved human face? Diagram of history of all inventions on earth? Perfect project of computer, in universe where pi equals 3.13? Maybe all this is the way in which God appears to man? If we are the point of his infinite plane?
      I believe that in heaven there will be creativity, movement, change, time, improvement, growth. There will be a choice between good and better good. There will be no compulsion to choose the greater good, because everything will be good. Each choice will be good. I believe that the vision of God can not be copied, captured, taken, posessed without him. It's probably the same as here on earth, you can not have a loving woman without a human. Probably what is on earth is to teach us about what is in heaven. Prepare us for that.'
      Gupta answered him nothing. After all, he was invented.
04 afterword

      This is the first version of the novel. The ovule. Fragments that I had done as prose. In further versions, I will add paragraphs. Maybe change something. Perhaps the current text will be optionally displayed in italics. I see now that the easiest way to write for me is as how a programmer writes code. I do not know yet how it will develop. Initially it was a story for images that I wanted to arrange in some order. Which machine must be build before other. I do not know if I will learn to write prose like the others. I see that at the moment there are mainly dialogues here.
      The moral of the whole has to be this: We do not know what else you can discover in physics, but God knows the end of the possibility of such discovery. If we had not fallen so early, we could be more mature, we would better endure inevitable encounter with evil. Maybe our fantasies about magic might be fulfilled in such a reality. But as like it is, we are all like abused child. If empty hell is possible, it maybe can be achieved through the efforts of the redeemed after the final judgment.
      I made up the fleece of tree of time, fleece derte, that symbolizes chart of temporal branches in the coordinate system with a horizontal axis 'morality' and vertical 'time'. They are, from left: Gupta, author, Natsunkahatsenar, Antrin story. Maybe the druids, who are in heaven, would consider it worthy to join the existing twenty-four.
      [ StarCraft II - Wings of Liberty ]   170207
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